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Research with Céra-Labo

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Continued urbanisation is accompanying global population growth. In 2018, the UN's World Urbanization Prospect predicted that two-thirds of the world's population will be concentrated in cities by 2025. In these increasingly dense and extensive cities of the 21st century, an ageing population will live mainly indoors…

These cities will be different from the ones we know today. Building cities that can cope with the consequences of climate change, the increased frequency of extreme events, and the imperatives of sustainable development and public health is the real challenge of our century. New materials are constantly opening up new perspectives for the design, organisation and construction of our habitat, but the technological challenges remain immense. 

Céra-Labo's contribution to this global R&D effort is to provide you with experimental, analytical and data processing tools that allow you to accelerate your R&D programmes. These tools are those of our mission: to evaluate the performance of products and devices in the short and long term, and their physical, chemical and microbiological impacts on the environment, but also on operators, users or consumers.

Research with Céra-Labo