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Experience, Rigour and Creativity


Frédéric Platon, founder and director of Céra-Labo, joined the industry very early on. He began his career with one of the world leaders in industrial separation. In his design office, he developed an innovative process based on pre-coating filtration mediums. "It was a success but, he explains, I quickly realised that my invention was destined to get taken away from me.” He then decided to leave the relative comfort of this job to create his first company. 

“I have never regretted my decision, he recalls. Today, twenty years later, I have kept my freedom of thought and my hunger for action. I guess it's contagious! Thanks to the creativity and commitment of our team, we have succeeded in making Céra-Labo a partner in materials research that is a reference worldwide. "


Understanding issues, objectives and priorities is essential to create value for the customer. Who better to make the right choices than those who are in constant contact with them? "Our role as a research partner is based on the creativity of all our employees," insists Frédéric Platon. "The trust received and granted is our real fuel."

Razvan Garban, Ph.D., is Director of R&D at Céra-Labo. He joined Céra-Labo in 2013 where he leads the scientific team. He is a graduate of the École des mines de Saint-Étienne and the École des mines d'Alès, and has a multidisciplinary background in environmental sciences and industrial engineering. 

Having acquired a fine understanding of entrepreneurial issues, in particular through his experience of creating a start-up in the field of heterogeneous catalysis, he explains his mission as follows: "Our objective is to provide documented answers to our clients' questions concerning the issues and risks linked to materials, in particular with regard to their impact on health, the environment, sustainability and/or performance in the industrial process concerned".


Céra-Labo's multidisciplinary team benefits from cutting-edge experimental and analytical means for its physical, chemical and microbiological tests. Composed of young scientists with more than ten years of experience, and having already successfully implemented a COFRAC accreditation in 2013 (indoor air sampling) and in 2017 (particulate sampling), the team brings together all the expertise necessary for Céra-Labo's mission: physics, chemistry, microbiology and quality assurance. The company focuses on the design and implementation of effective solutions for analysis, modelling, simulation and process evaluation in an industrial and environmental context.

Thanks to this team, Céra-Labo has already become a reference partner for materials research worldwide (especially in Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East). 

Experience, Rigour and Creativity